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Talking through my hat

Talking Through My Hat explores bookish businesses and the fantastic people who create them, looking at why business are started, how they keep going and where we can take them in the future. I'm John Pettigrew - a hat wearer, a recovering editor and the creator of Futureproofs. To avoid missing anything, why not subscribe at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts, and follow me on Twitter? The podcast is on hiatus from Easter 2019 for a few months, but we'll be back with more great interviews later in the year!

Sep 25, 2018

Fiona Spencer Thomas is a literary agent and book publicist who works with a range of authors on both fiction and non-fiction. In this podcast episode, she talks about how she got started as an agent, what a literary agent does for her clients, and how her own passion drives her choices.

It was interesting to talk about...

Sep 18, 2018

Kate Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Nosy Crow, an award-winning child-focused, parent-friendly publisher of children's books. Kate has an extensive pedigree in publishing, but her decision to start a publishing company has its roots in a professional crisis that she's turned to a comprehensive victory!

In this...

Sep 11, 2018

Chris Meade is a newly-minted Doctor of Nearlyology (not, as I mis-spoke in the introduction to the podcast "Director of Nearlyology"!), as well as running If:book, which among other things supports the New Media Writing Prize and the Dot Awards.

We talk about what he means by "nearlyology", the differences between...

Sep 4, 2018

Nancy Roberts took time off from a successful career in publishing to work out what she really wanted to do, and how she could continue growing. Her answer to that was first Business Inclusivity (consulting with publishing companies to help them understand and improve their diversity and inclusivity) and recently