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Talking through my hat

Talking Through My Hat explores bookish businesses and the fantastic people who create them, looking at why business are started, how they keep going and where we can take them in the future. I'm John Pettigrew - a hat wearer, a recovering editor and the creator of Futureproofs. To avoid missing anything, why not subscribe at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts, and follow me on Twitter? The podcast is on hiatus from Easter 2019 for a few months, but we'll be back with more great interviews later in the year!

Mar 26, 2019

Emmanuel Kolade is the founder of Shulph, a book-technology company focussed on multi-format reading experiences. He comes from technology industry where he has spent the last 17 years specialising in human-centred design to build digital products. Before founding Shulph, Emmanuel led PricewaterhouseCoopers digital experience practice to deliver digital transformation programmes for some of the UK and world's leading brands. He's also worked for a wide range of large and small businesses from National Rail to digital payment companies, as a designer and user-experience consultant.

In this episode, we talk about the experiences that drove him to found Shulph, the ways books and book-buying will evolve in the next few years, and the balance between building a business for revenue and building a business for users.